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Are you a music fan who loves live entertainment? Interested in networking with industry folks? Want to meet new and talented artists? Then we have the perfect option for you.

* Receive admission to the park and all of our weekly events at the park!

* Support the artists performing!

* And much more!

FSM Fans $200 or $206.10 via paypal

After we receive your payment, you will be sent directions on how to receive your season tickets to the park and FAN VIP bracelets to enter the event.

Saturday of the Month Event
First Every 1st Saturday of the month come out and meet artists, producers and music industry individuals for a networking extravaganza!
Second On this Saturday, we will bring out special guests to speak to the artists. We have experts on topics such as “how to make a low budget, quality music video”, “how to get your music on the radio”, “finding the right manager”, “should you go independent or big label”, and much more!
Third This Saturday we’ll be filming all the artists in their individual promos!
Fourth Prepare for the finale event as the top 3 artists with the most votes compete in front of a highly respected panel of judges for the ultimate title and prizes!


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